Ancient Magic and Ritual Power

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Gideon Bohak. A good, broad work on the nature of astrology and its role in society. Easier to find and less prone to goofiness than Cramer, this book is the best starting point for learning about astrology in Roman times. Translations of hundreds of fascinating spells and magical handbooks.

Now in paperback! Highly detailed discussion of astrology, as well as solar religion, covering a period of several centuries.

Ancient magic and ritual power

Its two appendices feature important discussions of criminal charges for practicing astrology and expulsions of astrologers from Rome. Useful because it covers a wide range; to be handled with caution because of occasional flights of fancy by the author.

Recently republished by Ares. Excellent collection of studies on wide range of magical phenomena, including curse tablets, tomb curses, herbal magic, erotic magic, divination, etc. Broad and richly-detailed examination of protective magic in Greece. Extremely valuable work, featuring translated texts of over a hundred curse tablets and excellent discussions of the different sorts of binding spells.

Ancient Magic and Ritual Power by Marvin W. Meyer

Useful to scholars, but still approachable enough for non-specialists. Please take time to e-mail O.

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The course then gives a survey of Jewish magical texts that range from the Bible to medieval stories and amulets. We consider the use of amulets and other magical techniques for healing, and explore the relationship between magic and Jewish mysticism.

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The course finishes with an examination of possession and exorcism in the early modern world, and the ways in which the Jewish magic tradition still persists in the modern era. Students in the course in Fall created very interesting final projects and papers, and this page provides a link to Powerpoint presentations and videos produced by the students, as well as a photo gallery of some of the projects including Tori Caserta's Babylonian magical incantation bowl, and Abby Laden's children's books, Sweetening the Spirits: Health and Healing among Sephardic Jews.

This day from every day, years, and generations of the world, I, Tori bat Robin, have divorced and dismissed and banished you, you Lilith, Lilith of the desert, ghost and kidnapper. I have decreed against you with the curse that Joshua ben Perohia sent against you. I adjure you by the name of your father and by the name of your mother.

Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered

Amen Amen Selah. Tori Caserta made a Babylonian Incantation Bowl for her project. These were bowls, inscribed with protective incantations, and buried in the house or on its threshold, to guard the inhabitants of the house from demonic forces.