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That's why you need these claws, which work for chicken, turkey, and even tossing salads. If you find pulling leaves off of kale stems tedious, you need this tool ASAP. All you have to do is insert the stem and pull it though. This works for collards, chard, and herbs too.

Never dirty multiple utensils to prep an avocado again. This little green gadget has everything you need to split, pit and slice avocados. If you make Brussels sprouts all the time, this tool will help you quickly remove the stem and dense core, which helps loosen the leaves before you roast them. Extracting strawberry stems and cores is as easy as pressing the button and extending the claw on this fool-proof tool. This tool allows you to slice, dig and carve your melon out quickly and mess-free! If you've got a fresh bottle of wine that needs to be chilled ASAP but have guests already walking through door, no worries.

This instant wine chiller gets stored in your freezer when you're not using it to make sure your favorite vino is perfect to sip at a moment's notice. You don't need a spoon rest when you own these clever tongs. The stainless steel arms feature a bend that makes sure the grips on your utensil never touch your germ-covered counter. If you've ever had to fish a lemon seed out of your paella, you know it's an annoying chore that probably feels silly in hindsight.

51 cool and quirky kitchen gadgets that are actually useful - INSIDER

This reamer catches debris, while still featuring a drain so juice can fall through. How are you supposed to measure how much zest you've collected when it immediately falls into the bowl of ingredients you're mixing together? Pickle lovers know the frustration of sticking your fingers into the jar to get a quick snack, then having your hand smell for the rest of the day.

But this tool attaches to the jar so you'll always have a fork on-hand for your favorite treat. Even if you don't start crying while chopping onions, your hands are bound to smell like them if you don't wear gloves or own a peeler, like this.

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It scores the skin, then lets you pull it off with the help of a hooked tip. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Betsy Farrell. Banana Slicer. Clip-On Food Strainer. OXO Good Grips. Vegetable Chopper. One of the keys to continuous eating healthy is definitely convenience. Wusthof Santoku Knife. The wonderful people at Wusthof sent it to me and I actually gave one away a while back, and it completely changed my life.

I remember slicing through a red potato like it was butter. It makes meal prep so incredibly easy, and every task from chopping onions, ground provisions, an orange , pretty much anything under the sun much easier. I actually stopped using my garlic peeler because it was so easy to slice garlic with this knife.

My brother gifted me the Wusthof Precision Knife Sharpener which is a great addition to keep your knife super sharp. I try and care for my knife as best as possible, as this helps to prolong its life. Cuisinart Food Processor. There are so many great uses for a food processor and it is the ultimate convenience healthy eating tool.

I actually recommend getting a large food processor, and a small one. NutriBullet Series. This is such a beautiful package deal that I had to count it as one item.

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Healthy eating means baking instead of frying right? Yes, you read that right. I usually give mine a tiny spritz, and nothing ever burns, sticks or peels. Paderno Spiralizer. A spiralizer is probably one of the coolest kitchen tools ever invented. Do you love pasta? Making curly pasta noodles out of any veggie? Sign me up immediately.

50+ Cool and Quirky Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Revolutionize Mealtime

So not only will you still feel satisfied, you get to make some pretty cool looking food. Stainless Steel Colander. Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer Set. It was well-shaped to funnel water out of the perforated sides, and never clogged with pasta or rice. Unlike traditional stamped-style models, the blades for this grater are etched into the metal using a chemical process that creates super-sharp edges. That allowed this grater to perform above-average on all four sides. The fine holes resulted in beautifully zested lemons and a pile of airy, fluffy Parmesan, whereas the coarse holes gave us long strands of mozzarella and potato shreds that made the best latkes in the group.

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  • It wasn't just about performance, either. It was the small features that made this model go above and beyond. The fine blade panel is removable for ease of cleaning, and the wide design makes the rest of this dishwasher-safe grater simple to clean, too. The feet stayed out of the way of shreds, allowing the contents to happily pile up underneath the grater without clogging up the mechanisms. As an added bonus, all the blades are made in the U.

    Put that all together, and this grater was a shoo-in for our choice of best overall. We were hesitant when we spied an "As Seen on TV" label on this product, but the truth is, it beats out the competition by a long shot. It is the only model that has an effective food holder cap that, when our vegetable was close to the end, allowed us to safely grind it down to the smallest of nubs. The Veggetti comes with a little brush for easy cleaning and it feels more sturdy and better constructed than the similar Zoodle Slicer and Kitchen Supreme.

    A potato rice is the gadget you need to make fluffy, airy mashed potatoes. It was the only ricer we tested that we could use one-handed with a whole potato with the others we tested, we had to chop the potatoes up into small pieces to achieve one-handed pressing. The comfortable handle is made from a heavy-duty plastic, but the hopper itself is stainless steel, which is easier to clean and should last a long time. The simple two-construction design allows you to take the stainless steel basket out, making it both easy to fill and a breeze to clean.

    With its bulky, lab-style body, the KD stands out from the smaller, sleeker scales in our lineup.

    AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Blue

    In testing, the KD proved to be the most accurate of the bunch, displaying the correct weights even when we added and removed objects from its platform. We liked the backlit screen, which displays an icon to indicate when a measurement is stable, as well as the cover that helps protect buttons from errant flour. While it's significantly less expensive than electric pasta machines, the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine was the most expensive manual pasta maker we tested.

    In this case, the adage "You get what you pay for" is certainly true.

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    • As we fed the dough into the rollers, we effortlessly held the sheet in one hand while cranking the handle with the other. It was the only pasta machine we tested that had a "0" setting, which was so wide that we barely had to flatten our dough to fit it through the rollers. In between rolls, the easy-to-operate knob could be adjusted with one hand, so we didn't have to put the dough down a serious time saver!

      To cut the sheet, all you have to do is clip on the included fettuccine and spaghetti attachment, which created restaurant-quality pasta every time. It's as easy as that! If you're looking for a hand crank pasta machine that's easy and effortless to use, this is definitely the one to get. This five-speed model did exceptionally well in our chopping and mixing tests. It obliterated ice cubes into a fine slush, made creamy nut butter, and liquefied fruit and yogurt into a delicious smoothie.

      The Cuisinart kneaded yeast dough into a smooth elastic ball as well as the human hand. Of all the hand mixers we tested, it has the most helpful manual, which even includes recipes you might actually want to make.

      The attachments are dishwasher safe and can be stored in the included case, snapped on the top of the mixer. The Artisan is the quintessential stand mixer. Easy to set up and with the quietest motor we tested, the Artisan was a pleasure to use and passed through all our tests with aplomb. Despite its many competitors, our tests prove that it is still the best stand mixer you can buy. Its merits are many: attachments were easy to put on, remove, and clean; the tilt lever lock worked well; the bowl installed smoothly; and the splash guard, though not really necessary for this class of mixer, none of them are , fit the bowl well and could be slid on when needed without taking apart the mixer.

      You can chop onions, celery, and garlic for stuffing and use the included attachment to slice potatoes or shred cheese. In fact, you can even make your pie crust in it. It excels at almost every task, from chopping onions and slicing tomatoes as well as a razor-sharp chefs' knife, to kneading pizza dough into a smooth elastic ball. Cleanup is a cinch, as Cuisinart is the only manufacturer that actually encourages you to wash the parts in the dishwasher.

      It's also the best overall juicer we tested. Yield was consistently high, with a nice balance of pulp that gave the juice body without affecting taste.