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Very interesting and helpful. So good to know. Please do keep up the good work uncovering the history of Crochet and keep me posted. Love the info, interesting. And cool.

That you put the site of work crochet. Going to have fun with that..

Doing a Double Crochet

I ran across this item today and while the mummy and the shoes were interesting, the photo of the felt purse looks like it has single stitch edging…dating back 1, years! Recommended Articles. How old is the United States of America? James Hardy August 26, The Biggest Oil: John D.

How to Crochet for Beginners: Yarns, Patterns and Projects

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See privacy policy for more. The materials can be bought online and the craft can be self-taught through books.

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Crochet has experienced a revival in the fashion world. In addition, crochet has been used many times by designers on the popular reality show Project Runway.

So You’re Ready to Crochet: Best First Crochet Projects for Beginners

Websites such as Etsy and Ravelry have made it easier for individual hobbyists to sell and distribute their patterns or projects across the internet. The length of the starting chain is determined by the number of stitches needed for the first row of fabric, and the number of chains required to arrive at the correct height of the first stitch in the first row. There can be more than two chains in a crochet. While beginning to make a crochet, one or main chain are worked at each row, and the hook is brought up to the height of the first stitch in the row.

The number of chains used for turning depends on the height of the stitch. What is Crochet used for? It was a common practice for groups of people to crochet clothing and other garments and then donate them to soldiers during the war.

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The practice continues even now into crocheting clothing and then donating it to hospitals, patients and also for newborn babies. Sometimes groups will crochet for a specific charity purpose. It is also becoming increasingly popular to crochet hats and donate them to cancer treatment centers, for those undergoing chemotherapy.

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During the month of October, pink hats and scarves are made and the proceeds are donated to breast cancer funds. Crochet has been used to illustrate shapes in hyperbolic space that are difficult to reproduce using other media or are difficult to understand when viewed two-dimensionally.

Time to Crochet

Mathematician Daina Taimina first used crochet in to create strong, durable models of hyperbolic space after finding paper models were delicate and hard to create. These models enable one to turn, fold, and otherwise manipulate space to more fully grasp ideas such as how a line can appear curved in hyperbolic space yet actually be straight. In the world of Fashion, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen has made extensive use of crochet in her various collections.

It most certainly can now! If you are crocheting your own material, depending on what you use will depend entirely on whether you can dye it or not.