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Figure 5. CR wo-water values — species variation Adult frog CR wo-water values for species with sufficiently high sample numbers i. CR wo-water values — lake vs river Data for radiocaesium transfer to adult frogs were available for both lakes and rivers, presenting an opportunity to test whether there was a significant difference in the transfer between these two types of freshwater system. Table 3 A comparison of estimated absorbed dose rates to different life-stages of Montane Brown and Wrinkled frogs for Lake Akimoto in and Table 4 A comparison of absorbed dose rates to different life-stages of Montane Brown frogs for Uda River in and Discussion The similarity in CR wo-water values for Cs and Cs provides further evidence to support the commonly used approach 2 , 3 , 12 , 13 of treating isotopes of a given element as having the same CR wo-water value if the isotopes can be assumed to be in equilibrium.

Materials and Method We have extracted data from MOE Ministry of the Environment 10 for the eight freshwater systems for samples collected between June and June ; the data included radiocaesium activity concentrations in water, sediment and biota. Estimation of dose rates Dose rates have been estimated for the Wrinkled frog and Montane Brown frog given they have somewhat different life-histories and are examples of a species with a comparatively low and high CR wo-water values respectively. Electronic supplementary material Supplementary Information K, xlsx.

Author Contributions K. Notes Competing Interests The authors declare no competing interests. Footnotes Electronic supplementary material Supplementary information accompanies this paper at References 1. ICRP 38 Elsevier, ICRP 39 Elsevier, Technical Report Series No. Brown JE, et al. Assessment of radiocesium contamination in frogs 18 months after the Fukushima Daiich nuclear disaster.

Soil removal as a decontamination practice and radiocesium accumulation in tadpoles in rice paddies at Fukushima. Takahara T, et al. Radiocesium accumulation in the anuran frog, Rana tagoi tagoi , in forest ecosystems after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Watanabe I, et al. Radioactive Cs distribution of paddy field ecosystems in eastern part of Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, Japan.

Nihon Hoshanou Jyosen Gakkaishi. Ministry of the Environment MOE. Evaluating summarised radionuclide concentration ratio datasets for wildlife. Beresford NA, et al. Derivation of transfer parameters for use within the ERICA Tool and the default concentration ratios for terrestrial biota. An international database of radionuclide Concentration Ratios for wildlife: development and uses. A new approach to predicting environmental transfer of radionuclides to wildlife taking account of inter-site variation using Residual Maximum Likelihood mixed-model regression: a demonstration for freshwater fish and caesium.

Total Environ. Making the most of what we have: application of extrapolation approaches in radioecological wildlife transfer models. Inter-comparison of models to estimate radionuclide activity concentrations in non-human biota. What do tadpoles really eat? Assessing the trophic status of an understudied and imperiled group of consumers in freshwater habitats. Freshwater Biology. Bioaccumulation of radiocaesium by fish: the influence of physicochemical factors and trophic structure. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science.

Application of potassium chloride to a Chernobyl — contaminated lake: modelling the dynamics of radiocaesium in an aquatic ecosystem and decontamination of fish. Sci Total Environ. Pendleton RC, et al.

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Trophic level effect on the accumulation of caesium in cougars feeding on mule deer. Caesium concentration factors in wild herbivores and the fox Vulpes vulpes L Environ. Kaneko, Y. Buergeria buergeri. Assessment of risk to wildlife from ionising radiation: can initial screening tiers be used with a high level of confidence? Development and evaluation of a regression-based model to predict cesium concentration ratios for freshwater fish.

Smith JT, et al. National Institute of Radiological Science. Elemental concentrations in Japanese Rivers. Stark K, et al. Estimation of radiation doses from Cs to frogs in a wetland ecosystem. Kikuchi, Y. The Montane brown frog Rana ornativentris.

Goris, R. Guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Japan. Krieger Publishing Company, Andersson P, et al.


Vives i Batlle J, et al. Inter-comparison of absorbed dose rates for non-human biota. The estimation of absorbed dose rates for non-human biota: an extended intercomparison. FY Radioactive material monitoring in the water environment in and around Fukushima Prefecture.

Review of radioactive material survel methods etc. Matsuda, H.

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New technique for synthesizing AMP: precipitation inside an ion-exchange resin and its application to separation of cesium from fission-products and to a m Ba generator. Beresford, N. Takao Museum.

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