Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models

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Dubrule O. Caers J. Doligez B.

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Dutton D. Eaton T. Sheriff R. Onajite E. Chopra S. Tarantola A. Kemper M. Lancaster S. Debeye H. Fatti J. Hampson D. Haas A. Gunning J. Ravalec-Dupin L. Angeleri G. Doyen P. De Buyl M.

Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models

Cole J. Bornard R. Bosch M. Saussus D. Avseth P.

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Coulon J. Deutsch C. Lumley D. Bahar A. The course document will provide a support to the course, and further extend some of the more technical considerations. As a result of following this course, geoscientists, and more specifically geophysicists will better understand how geostatistics fits into their workflow, what tools and techniques they should use depending on the problem at hand, and what added-value may result from its use.

During his career, he has held a variety of staff and management positions where he developed and applied new techniques for reservoir characterisation, earth modelling, risk analysis and uncertainty quantification. Dubrule recently became manager of Geoscience Training and Communication. Dubrule has authored more than twenty papers in the field of geostatistics and earth modelling.

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Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models

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Applications Abdollahifard, M. Ahmadi, R. Masihi, M. Rasaei, K. Eskandaridalvand, and R. Bastante, F. Taboada, and J. Blouin, M. Martel, and E. Kyriakidis, and C. Costa, L. Rasera, and E. Caers, J. Strebelle, and K. Payrazyan , Stochastic integration of seismic data and geologic scenarios: a West Africa submarine channel saga, The Leading Edge , 22 3 , Zhang , Multiple-point geostatistics: a quantitative vehicle for integrating geologic analogs into multiple reservoir models, in Integration of outcrop and modern analog data in reservoir models, AAPG memoir 80 , edited by G.

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Mukerji, and G.

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Mavko , Seismic inversion combining rock physics and multiple-point geostatistics, Geophysics, 73 1 , RR21, Goodfellow, R. AlborConsuegra, R. Dimitrakopoulos, and T. Hashemi, S. He, X. Sonnenborg, F. Jensen , The effect of training image and secondary data integration with multiple-point geostatistics in groundwater modeling, Hydrol. Earth Syst.

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Dassargues , Modeling the effect of clay drapes on pumping test response in a cross-bedded aquifer using multiple-point geostatistics, J. Orban, E. Cochet, M. Possemiers, B. Ronchi, K.

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