Governing the Female Body: Gender, Health, and Networks of Power

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Aside from overseeing rules, clubs, coaching and competitions, the NGB of each sport decides how to spend income generated by membership fees, TV rights, Lottery Grants and investment from Government and the four UK Sports Councils. Therefore, NGBs are important social institutions — they are the custodians of tradition, influencing who gets to play sport and on what terms.

In - , participation rates in sport were stagnant. Established ways of thinking and doing were clearly not meeting the demands of modern society.

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In response, Sport England ceased investing in strategies that were failing to attract new participants. The organisation also let it be known that future National Lottery funding would depend on the governing body of each sport convincing Sport England that their strategies and action plans could reasonably be expected to grow the numbers of people playing.


This encouraged governing bodies to think beyond their existing membership and club structure - and learn about the lives and sporting needs of all those not playing sport who, with the right offer, might. The challenge NGBs faced was to find versions of their game which responded to the issues potential players saw as important. These included:. The FA, realising that the full 11 a-side game was at conflict with modern lifestyles, responded. Their investment priorities shifted towards smaller-sided versions and recreational formats of football. Examples include programmes such as Just Play.

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No membership fees — the prospect of being charged by a club, regardless of whether you attended, was a negative factor. Instead, pay and play, subsidised and — if possible - free sessions were preferred. The scheme aims to provide an attractive offer to those wanting to play badminton socially, but unable to commit to becoming club players. Not too serious — many people are not interested in competitive forms of sport that demand structured training sessions. Catering to this,Volleyball England designed their Go Spike programme for recreational players.

Feeling good and losing weight — both male and female participants placed importance on simply enjoying sport, while hoping to shed some pounds as a result. Taking this onboard,England Athletics developed their Run England programme.

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It encourages more people to run more often, regardless of their fitness level. Doorstep Sport was developed to specifically address each of these factors. Many women lack the confidence to exercise alone. Providing activity to existing groups of women significantly reduced barriers to participation based on low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Aside from exercising alongside people they knew, selecting a venue that was familiar to participants also helped greatly.

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The purpose of these organisations was to narrow the gaps in participation between rich and poor, women and men, BME and White British Individuals. Sport England funded StreetGames to work with 12 priority NGBs in order to find ways of bringing sport into disadvantaged areas.

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This involved finding out what young people wanted from particular sports and responding with new approaches. These were tested in Doorstep Sport projects and other settings. New training courses for coaches and leaders were also offered. Soon, Doorstep Sport became an established type of sports delivery. NGBs started to apply the insights from Doorstep Sport to increase participation in their sport amongst disadvantaged young people.

The Golf Foundation listened to disadvantaged young people as they developed StreetGolf. Badminton was created using insights from Doorstep Sport to cater specifically for what young people want, and how they want to play. According to the I. With testosterone levels between five and 10 nanomoles per liter, the I.


The regulations follow a study, commissioned by the I. Even a small edge can mean the difference between a gold, silver or bronze medal, or finishing off the podium entirely, in events decided by tenths or hundredths of a second, the I. The regulations represent an attempt by the I.

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  4. The court ruled then that the I. That case involved an Indian sprinter named Dutee Chand.

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    In this Book. Additional Information. A feminist and Foucauldian analysis of a variety of emerging gendered discourses.