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This area, of course, is the theory of computation. It investigates what is computable, along with developing ways to express and analyze the performance of algorithms, and classifying the degrees of difficulty, that is, the inherent complexity, for performing different types of computations.

The complexity issue becomes important when the input to a calculation grows in size. A classic example of this type of performance analysis is the traveling salesman problem, which seeks to find the shortest distance the salesman can take to visit a number of cities. The computational effort needed to find the optimal route grows exponentially as each city added multiplies the number of routes that must be tested. One of the founders of this area is Alan Turing, who developed the concept of a simple but universal computing device today called the Turing machine TM. Turing demonstrated that a TM is conceptually equivalent to any modern digital computer.

He further investigated the limits of what a TM, or any comparable device, could compute. A key finding is known as the halting problem. Turing proved that no general algorithm can exist that can analyze any program with an input and decide if the program will halt after processing the input. The halting problem demonstrates a fundamental limit on what can be computed.

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More recently, we have the introduction of quantum computing that uses the properties of quantum-level units, called qubits, to perform calculations. Research in this area suggests that a quantum computer could reduce the hardness level of some problems, such as factoring large integers.

This, for example, could impact current cryptography by making obsolete current security algorithms that depend on the ease of multiplying large integers and the difficulty in factoring them. The incomputable explores selected recent research into various aspects of computability. Main Supervisor A. Kotzia 4. George Markopoulos, Ph. Morphological Processing of Nouns in Modern Greek.

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Duties: taught the course Topics in Comparative Morphology.

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Duties: - Research, administration work vice-chair and chair of the Dept. Duties: - research, administration work, graded assignments, exams and term papers, - supervised graduate students - taught the following courses: Generative phonology, French syntax, French morphology. Duties: - research, graded assignments, exams and term papers - taught the following courses: Generative Phonology, French Syntax, French Morphology 8. Duties: - composed and graded assignments and exams, - held office hours for the course Introduction to Historical Linguistics, taught by Prof. Bernard Moreux.

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