Red socks dont work: messages from the real world about mens clothing

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OP -How many hours have been taken out of your life in quest of a matching sock? It really made me laugh.

In fact, I have dozens of socks that are all equal, just have to open the drawer and take two, and never loose time matching it this solution came out of my mind after I have loose too much time matching it, fiiling sacks of socks hoping to find the pair in the future. Poor husbund, he just has to open the drawer and take two socks, or just have to throw one away at times, he does not have any choice. Great idea! It has always made me very sad.

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Pleased you are well buddie regards Brian Report abuse. For the seriously obsessive you can buy socks with the day of the week on the bottom. Then you really have to search the sock drawer. The ones I have the week days are basically black and the weekends coloured.

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Carry on, Richard! TLO Report abuse. But some socks are more or less equal than others. Do as comedian Steven Wright does. He goes by thickness. Is there some underlying evolutionary reason why the majority preference is matching socks? Going by what I have learned on this site about OCD and the sliding scale in all of us, I found this. Some researchers have proposed that the brain is predisposed to look for symmetry, and so people see symmetrical objects faster and make sense of them faster.

Yeah you are right professor…. Y not, i will wear…..

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It will become a great mix…. But seeing Richards socks, make me want to go out and buy a whole bunch of good quality boldly coloured socks to be unable to match! What kind of consumerist agenda is going on here?! Display of laundry skills.

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Come on ladies, get your resources here! Cognitive sharpness — a very attractive quality in males. Since this is all about display, we have to go with sexual selection. Stance socks have some asymmetric models. They are thick and strong. It more trendy than you imagine. Nearly all my socks are black, though not all exactly the same shade, and there are among them socks of many different weaving-patterns. It is a weekly task to match all these black socks by their weaving-patterns I actually enjoy it; it is like a meditative exercise.

It just would not feel right if I wore a sock woven one way with a sock woven another way — a subtle imbalance would surely result, and heaven alone knows what might then happen. But perhaps I could buy sets of socks of assorted colors and woven the same way, and then try mixing the colors to wear. In any case, Prof. Dawkins, it is heartening to know that you are well enough recovered now to concern yourself with such matters.

Wear what sounds good, to match a mood. Most of mine are white — to go with the trainers! I for one shall get involved in this poptastic new idea. Wow meow! Cool cat Report abuse. Hahaha Thanks for the advise professor! Best wishes! PS: You could work on a new books. With one red sock and one blue some might think you were halfway between a Republican and a Democrat.

A magentaian -the hidden foot? I must thank you that you closed my eyes and thereafter I could understand the wonders of life and science. I appreciate too much your bravery and style to bring both evolution and your thoughts to the layman. I converted to reason in the middle of the selfinsh gene reading.

My story is not important.

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What is important is that your memetic material is spreading through this meme survival machine which is writing now. Plus one to socks trend and I would suggest to stop ironing our clothes. Thanks Report abuse. A pragmatist speaks! But what if some enterprising sock company starts producing chiral socks? Shoes are chiral. Certainly the Romans followed the Greeks in wearing sandals, and they too were chiral. Were the Romans not individualists, slaves to Greek philosophy? Nudge nudge, wink wink, the Bible is just superstitious hooey.

James Report abuse. Shocked to hear this from an Englishman! One must have standards! I am kidding, everybody! My natural inclination would be to run around in my birthday suit if I could get away with it. No socks necessary at all! Many Roman statues, would indicate an absence of socks! As I am enough curious, just googled and found something alike.

So is it a guinean sculpture? Interesting that the Romans, who were great fans of Greek philosophers, would have such a facile view of religion, keeping shrines to house spirits and praying to Minerva for wisdom, and then having Jupiter screw everything in sight as the just and moral leader of the pantheon. It is very curious. Nary a word about football being an Atheist production will be mentioned in the textbooks, and we will be viewed as superstitious and primitive.

No gladiatorial battles will be fought in the literate circles in the future, when they talk about how it was in the 21st century! American Football and Soccer, are near religions — certainly for some of the dedicated fans — not to mention players kissing the ground or crossing themselves! While some aspects are secular ie. Six of the seven schools were largely playing the same game including Eton, Harrow and Winchester — while the seventh, Rugby School founded in was playing a markedly different version of football.

All these early English schools were linked to the church, although the Ancient Greeks predated them by rather a long time! Modern footballers, unlike the Greeks, do however, almost religiously, have prescribed matching socks and other kit! Americans also worship Hollywood actors! Dawkins would agree with you.

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For if you believe in a Supreme Higher Being, your Maker, but at the same time do not believe in karmic house spirits keeping your house pure, that would make you just as Atheist as someone who believes higher orders of being is a fallacy. My father, moving things on behalf of this supposed God, an agent of God, frequently helps me out with paying my rent.

The supposed God answering my prayers, gets the rent paid. For if you believe in a Supreme Higher Being, your Maker, but at the same time do not believe in karmic house spirits keeping your house pure, that would make you just as Atheist. It is well known on this site, that most theists are atheistic about all gods except their own. Atheists are just atheistic about one more than the rest! I think that ability to tell the difference, is what separates atheists from theists, and atheists from the psychotic. In an informal forum such as this one, a true psychotic feels free to air his fallacious thinking without fear of undue reprisal.

It is valuable for me to engage in the banter here, to clear my mind, so to speak.

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For some reason, I have 3 more left socks than right. My solution is to turn one inside-out. I suppose that would work for sox with chirality. How callous and unthinking you are talking to a psychotic person, and saying that all theists are psychotic! Glide Church in San Francisco gives me free meals. If I were to sit in judgement of a learned man who has been hit with a stroke, and some of the uneducated poor folk I see at the church, I would sentence the learned man to death in favor of saving the life of the babbling homeless man drooling and falling asleep over his supper.

I see no real reason to discard contradictions in science.