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This can be useful when combined with. This is most commonly used to remove a shadow that was applied at a smaller breakpoint. For example, use md:shadow-lg to apply the shadow-lg utility at only medium screen sizes and above. For more information about Tailwind's responsive design features, check out the Responsive Design documentation. By default Tailwind provides three drop shadow utilities, one inner shadow utility, and a utility for removing existing shadows.

You can change, add, or remove these by editing the theme. If a default shadow is provided, it will be used for the non-suffixed. But rather than give him the satisfaction of a complaint, he decided that he would make a debt of it. Without another word, he focused his mind, and as he did, his silhouette wavered and danced. Then all of a sudden, like a shadow lengthening, his form began to swell. Through the thrum of gathering aether, he heard Hythlodaeus remark, "Never ceases to impress me In such moments, he felt as if he was one with its flow.

Though mages were plentiful, not even among the rest of the Fourteen could one find another capable of wielding such power. Ere long, his transformation was complete, and Hythlodaeus was left to crane his neck up at him. Allow me to congratulate you again, Emet-Selch. He let out a quiet breath, a sigh mingled with laughter.

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Then he faced the bird and set about his task. The voice rumbled from a distance, impatient and insistent. Unlike eons ago, however, there was no brilliant shine to greet his sight, but a wan, sickly glow. A guttering candle where once a signal flame blazed. His face reflexively contorted in disgust. Gathering his scattered thoughts, he finally remembered where he was.


Dozed off in the chair again. Ah, the joys of old age.

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The voice rumbled from right before him. He cast a bleary gaze towards the sound to see a young man, tall and strapping and golden-haired, regarding him anxiously.

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Though he was still well shy of his twentieth nameday, the crease which adorned his forehead added years to his grandson's appearance. This body's grandson , he corrected himself. Scarcely a matter warranting a formal audience, let alone rousing me for. Perhaps the boy had finally scraped together the courage to crow about his accomplishments.

Perhaps he was put up to it by ambitious courtiers. Regardless, it was naught but the feeble plotting of malformed creatures. Wearily, he hauled himself to his feet and shuffled past the youth towards the door. He had barely taken half a dozen steps, however, when Varis found his tongue.

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He stopped at the unexpected address. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he saw the boy wearing an expression of pure anguish, and in that moment, he looked every bit as young as he was. To let this question spill forth, his frustration towards his grandsire must be great indeed. After a moment's pause, he replied under his breath.

As he made his way to the audience chamber, a self-deprecating smile rose to his lips. Though Garleans are known for their large frames, the body he wore was by no means exceptional in that regard, nor was that of the woman he took for his wife. Yet their firstborn son was a prodigiously tall and robust specimen, unprecedented even among his kind.

As the boy grew, his physique was held in awe and admiration by all, though to him it was a source of great vexation. In the end, they were all just malformed creatures. Feeble, frail, and foolish. Thrashing blindly about in their fleeting, fragmented lives, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Never could they replace his brethren.

Yet in spite of himself, when he cradled the newborn in his arms and stroked that downy hair, he could not help but hope. For what, he could not be certain, but he hoped nonetheless. It made little difference in the end, for his son had succumbed to some absurd illness and returned to the Underworld long before his time. At length, his frail body brought him to his destination. This website uses cookies. The umbra is the shadow's dark center portion, while the penumbra and the antumbra are different types of half-shadows.

To understand why the Earth and the Moon have 3 types of shadows, let's start on a smaller scale. The number and types of shadows created by an opaque object depend on its size in relation to the size of the light source.

However, their absolute size is irrelevant, so a basketball illuminated by a large lamp produces the same shadows as the Moon illuminated by the Sun. So imagine that you are in a windowless room with 1 light source and 1 round object that casts a shadow, say, a basketball.

Box Shadow

Both the light source and the basketball are at the same height as your head. You are standing on the side of the ball exactly opposite to the light source, facing it, so the order is: light source — basketball — you. Rule: If the light emanates from a punctual light source , the object casts only 1 type of shadow: an umbra. Let's say the light source is a tiny flashlight pointing into your direction. If you look into the direction of the lamp from behind the basketball, it is entirely invisible as the ball blocks the view and the light rays don't reach you. The ball's shadow is uniform, it only has an umbra.

If you move to the side, the flashlight immediately becomes visible as soon as you leave the shadow. Rule: If the light source is not punctual but has a larger surface area , a 2nd type of shadow appears around the object's umbra: the penumbra. Now the light source is a round lamp that is a little smaller in diameter than the basketball. If you line up with the lamp and the ball, no light is visible because you are within the ball's umbra. However, as you move to either side, part of the light source becomes visible. That's the penumbra.