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History of Industries in Shanghai

Shanghai , a city can accept everything and accommodate everybody from everywhere, where east and west culture interchange and blend, bright and shining. Especially, Pu Dong is the most dazzling aureole on this bright pearl.

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  • 1. Overview of Industrial Development?

Since the central government decided to develop Pu Dong in , Pu Dong has been the leader of Chinese economy, and Pudong's economy construction has got the flying wings. Perfect fundamental facility, good investment environment and rapid development situation of economy make Pu Dong to become the h o t spot of attract ing the worldwide vision for investment and development. In , Taiwan Far East ern Group aimed at mainland in home for investment and development, they selected Pu Dong, Shanghai , invested million dollars , and built a union enterprise using PTA and EG as raw material to produce polyester and other extension products for large-scale chemical industry, chemical fiber, textile, dyeing and finishing — Far East ern Industrial Shanghai Co.

Far East ern Industrial Shanghai Co.

History of Industries in Shanghai |

Ltd has set up its head office in Lujiazhui Financial and trade zone where is the most flourishing area in Pu Dong; also they ha d built factory in Xinhuo Develop ment Zone, the factory area occupies thousands square meter with reasonable allocation and well layout. The convenient traffic, complete facilities, friendly environment and abundant resource create the most advantage conditions for the rapid development of the company. Polymerization workshop is the production leader of the whole factory, and the PTA and EG are supplied by oversea.

It is the first company to transport goods by means of ton bulk container in domestic enterprise.

The technological equipments are all designed, developed and researched by Far East ern Group. At present, it owns single production line with the largest production equipments for polyester melt and chip in home.

PPG Coatings (Kunshan)Co., Ltd.

The advanced automatic control system , after continuous polymerization , th e condensed base polymers are spun directly, or are supplied to the downstream to produce bottle chip , polyester sheet and etc. SSP workshop uses continuous solid state polymerization product ion line and automatic control system, which are the best technology and the most advanced produc t ion line in home, and has the capacity of 0.

The quality of products meets the requirement of contemporary food and various industries purpose , and has already got the quality certificates of FDA and worldwide users. The properties of three-dimensional crimped differential terylene staple fiber are lofty, spongy and elastic, its specification s are from 3 to 20 deniers, and its types are complete.

Auto Shanghai 12222

Till now, Shanghai has worked closely with international metropolises and other UNESCO creative cities of design to successfully hold a series of International Creative Design Dialogue, Innovation Design Exhibition showing the latest creative design concept, innovative products, and promote the best design talents. Educational institutions Creative and Design related Educational institutions: 64 universities.


Design Shanghai is one of the world's most prestigious international design events and the leading design event in Asia. Constantly breaking new ground, it has…. Shanghai Discover shanghai. With support from the government, numerous esports giants in China also revealed their plans for developing local esports industry.

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The park will provide comprehensive facilities for esports practitioners to research and develop products, develop esports teams, educate esports talent, and build esports venues. A plethora of Chinese esports companies will organise hundreds of esports eventsto attract fans from around the world to come to Shanghai. The government also unveiled the launch of its local esports league: Shanghai Esports Masters. The league will take place across November and December with the aim of setting a benchmark for domestic esports tournaments.

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